Want to Submit to Snowy Peaks Media?

We are excited to now accept manuscripts from established and first-time authors. As part of a company in business for over 30 years, we have the capabilities and resources to help you polish and create the best possible content. We also have an excellent design team proven to create compelling book covers.

Snowy Peaks Standards

We are looking for books that bring a fresh perspective. Titles must be clean and uplifting. No vulgarity, swearing, innuendo, etc.

To submit, please send the following to heather@snowypeaksmedia.com:

  • Cover letter explaining your manuscript, what marketing has already been done, your author platform, and who the target market is
  • An e-file of the manuscript (Word, PDF, Google Doc, or Epub is preferred)

We are also looking for authors to scribe our ideas! We often see a need in the market and want to work with authors to create content around our suggested titles. If you’re interested in joining our author database, please email heather@snowypeaksmedia.com.

What We're Looking For:

• Nonfiction for LDS women
• Nonfiction for LDS Missionaries
• Titles on family life and parenting
• Titles that apply LDS values to mainstream audiences (for example: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
• Young adult fiction
• Adult fiction
• Church history titles
• Clean and Uplifting Films or Documentaries
• Health and nutrition
• Personal finance

What We Don't Want:

• Music/Songbooks
• Books that contain large amounts of scripture references (as this violates LDS Church copyright)
• End of the world/2nd coming titles
• Books that are currently in a contract with another publisher or distributor
• Memoirs/mission books

There are exceptions we are willing to consider.