The Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book

Simple, Fast, Delicious Recipes

The Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Volume I is your sure-fire way to reach your goals of eating the right foods that will optimize your body’s performance. Every recipe is catered toward a strategic pairing of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) which will keep your body in the fat-burning environment. These meals are SIMPLE, FAST, and DELICIOUS.

Praise for The Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book

“Full of great ideas and SO helpful! Would recommend this to ANYONE looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Kristy, this is changing my life!”

–Natalee Best

This book is best for:

those who have read The Power Foods Lifestyle.

About the Author

As a dancer, performer, and choreographer of over 15 years, the body and how it moves and functions is a miracle to me. I, myself, am grateful for the wonder of the body as consistent chiropractic care and rigorous nutrition and fitness habits help me cope with my 40+-degree scoliosis. It was this very scoliosis that led me from the world of dance and my aspirations into fitness and nutrition.