The Power Foods Lifestyle, Edition II

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One day at a time

The Power Foods Lifestyle will help you lose weight, repair a damaged metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting, and decrease your risk for chronic disease while naturally increasing your energy levels. This scientifically-based method of eating presents a new way of thinking about food, teaching you how to pair your nutrients in portion sizes that balance your blood sugar and keep your body in a fat-burning state day or night. The Power Foods Lifestyle will help you convert to a lifestyle of eating wholesome, natural foods and facing each new day with a heightened awareness of what happens in your body whenever you put food in your mouth. As you adopt principles of the PFL into your lifestyle, you may see your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar readings approach normal ranges. This isn’t the quick fix–it’s the real fix. One meal. One workout. One day at a time.

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Praise for The Power Foods Lifestyle

“Great book! It is very easy reading and easy to understand. Never question again which Power Foods will help you get to your goal!”
-Sandee Davis

“My husband and I have enjoyed eating healthily for many years, but we have not been able to reach our final goals. It seemed that we just needed something more but did not know where to turn. When we read The Power Foods Lifestyle together we were able to see what we were doing wrong and what we were missing. With a little preparation every day we started eating better than before and we were able to reach our goals. Now we have a lifestyle that works so well for us and our family.”
-Josh and Cambria Penrod

“I am so glad I found Body Buddies. Not only do I feel better than I ever have, but I feel like I finally understand my body. Strange I know, that it has taken 34 years to figure it out, but better late than never. I have lost 10% body fat, gained a good deal of muscle, and I have saved quite a bit of money because I am not eating out all the time. Thank you so much!”
-Monti Warren-Bargsley

“I have become more disciplined in every aspect of my life at work spiritually and in the confidence I have in myself. I have learned how to choose foods based on how my body will feel in the future, rather than getting that immediate pleasure out of a sugary treat.”
-Trent Tippetts

“The Power Foods Lifestyle is life changing! It tells you what kind of food to eat and how often to eat. It takes the guesswork out of eating healthy and balanced meals. Power Foods keep you energized throughout the day and feeling amazing!! I haven’t felt this great about myself and my health in years, even after having two kids! Thanks for answering my prayers.”
-Michelle Fox

“Great book! It’s very easy to read and understand and a great foundation for eating better for life! I love this book and the empowerment it has given me coupled with hiring Kristy Jo as a nutrition coach. I am now trained on living and eating the Power Foods my body craves! I have more energy and am much healthier living the Power Foods Lifestyle!”
-Stephanie Schmid

“I have developed new eating habits. I can’t believe that I eat carrots in the morning! And I eat so many more vegetables than I used to. I used to be very dependent on carbs, but now I don’t even miss them in my PVF meals. I eat way more protein now that I used to. I feel like these are habits and routines I have learned to love and do without effort, so I know I have made a lifestyle change, not just a diet change. I have learned how to separate fat and carbs! It’s not hard to do once you figure out some meals to eat. I’m just used to it now and it all still tastes good and now when I do have fat and carbs, it feels like a real treat. Pairing a veggie with everything makes me feel more full and have more energy throughout the day.”
-Michelle Larsen

“I have learned so much about nutrition. I didn’t realize how eating the “right” foods can really make my body feel good. I almost never have headaches anymore. Just this one change has made me a believer in the PFL lifestyle. I also lost some weight, so that was a really good motivator too.”
-Rachel Newman

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This book is best for:

Those who want a strategic eating plan, for those with damaged metabolisms

About the Author

On March 17, 2012, something inside of me knew it was time to change my disordered eating and exercise habits. For the first time in my life, I followed through with a plan to change my body, and more importantly, the way I thought and felt about food, exercise, and myself. I am now a published author of multiple books, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and had my programs and approaches approved by doctors, Registered Dietitians, and psychologists. Body Buddies and The Power Foods Lifestyle™ are now products of my disciplined experimentation–trials and errors alike–in an effort to share what had helped me overcome so much. The PFL method of eating is a simple summary of all of the nutritional and food chemistry research I came upon and how this science relates to sculpting the body. While the research and evidence fascinates me, I know that the general population could care less, so I strive to separate fact from fiction. I summarize ideas and strategies in ways that are easy for you to understand and apply to your life. I hope to someday receive an email from you telling me about how you have started transforming your body and your mind–and how good you feel! When this happens, you can reach me at

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