The Fifth Gospel

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A Combination of All the Gospels

The Fifth Gospel is a great companion to the New Testament as it chronologically weaves together the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, with the Joseph Smith translations worked directly into the text, creating one of the most comprehensive and detailed accounts of the Savior Jesus Christ.

The Fifth Gospel is a single narrative of the four gospels put in chronological order. Although not a new idea, there are some stand alone features that make it unique. First it incorporates the Joseph Smith translation. It has 955 footnoted references to assist the reader to better understand what is written; 45 easy references so that you do not have to refer to the scriptures unless you want to; 240 dictionary entries, most of which contain information not found in any one source; over 6,750 cross references to help find a verse as well as give additional meanings as used in The Fifth Gospel; and maps. But the most significant contribution is identifying our Lord’s use of conundrums. A conundrum is a question or a problem having a conjectural answer. An exampe is Luke 14:38 (JST) “He who hath ears to hear, let him hear”. Joseph added: “these things he said, signifying that which was written, verily must all be fullfilled”. Or in other words scripture was about to be fulfilled. This is not a parable, metaphor, or simile associated with the generally known teaching methods that Jesus used. Outside of the JST, identifying conundrums may be the single most important discovery in the last 2000 years in helping us to better understand Jesus’ teachings.

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Praise for The Fifth Gospel

“This book was great for following a chronological timeline of the Savior’s life. Much thought was put in to this and it really helps you get to know the Savior.”


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About the Author

Larry Ward self-published and printed the first English edition in 2011. A real labor of love, Ward spent a year and a half and a lot of money trying to sell copies to virtually anyone who would buy one, but wasn’t met with much success. “As big of a problem as this was, I had an even bigger problem. I was not going to stand before my God in the next life and say to Him, ‘Lord, here is your talent back. I waited for a call that never came.’”

Ward continued to persevere, but still with limited success. Then a huge shock hit his family. “When Larry was diagnosed with cancer, it, of course, was a tremendous shock,” says Kelley Ward, his wife. Larry was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue, the day before Thanksgiving in 2013. Through CT scans, it was discovered that it had metastasized to his liver and possibly his lungs.

“After prayer and a priesthood blessing we both decided that it is just my turn to go,” says Ward, referring to him and his wife. Realizing that the cancer was terminal, Ward felt even greater pressure to not let his work die with him. It was at this point that he got in contact with Roger Dean from Deseret Book, who then sent Ward to the Ringmasters team.

“Since the first time I saw The Fifth Gospel it was something that I really strongly believed in and was excited for. I’m proud to be able to carry this and think it will be a great tool to Church members interested in studying the New Testament this year,” says Kirk Edwards, head of publishing at Ringmasters Media.

With limited time left before his “graduation” (as Ward refers to it), Ward and the Ringmasters team have worked quickly to get The Fifth Gospel available for the Sunday School lessons that will focus on the New Testament this year. Although a sobering part of their business, Ward’s wife Kelley has taken over many of the agreements in the face of Ward’s declining health.

“After several years of limited success, it’s astounding how quickly everything has fallen into place for a larger audience to be able to be blessed by this book,” Kelley says. “It’s a huge comfort to know that Larry’s work will be able to have a bigger impact, even after he passes.” In light of her current trials, she said “I have been buoyed up by comfort, family, friends, priesthood blessings and the prayers of many. The power of prayer has been made so evident during this process. We have had many tender mercies and cannot deny that we are being guided and blessed even in the face of Larry’s declining health.”