Temples: Drawing on Symbols

Look at temples with new eyes

Temples: Drawing on Symbols is more than a coloring book. It is an invitation to see the beautiful art of LDS Temples with new eyes. Everything in the Temple points to Christ. This coloring book combines scripture with the symbolism that surrounds temples. With the help of a “what to look for in this book” page (index), you can discover even more at your own pace.

About the Author

Jeanette Siafunu grew up on a small island in the South Pacific. Her early attempts at art began on our gravel driveway that I would use as a canvas. She would take a stick and draw up the blue prints of an underwater craft (which of course had glass walls so she could see the ocean floor and sea creatures).  She thinks much of my creative nature came from those days.  Now she lives  in Utah among the majestic mountains that inspire me even more.

Praise for Temples: Drawing on Symbols

“This is the greatest coloring book I have! The pictures are beautiful and I love that there is symbolism included in every page.”
–Jacob Reid