Founders and Prophets

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What do you understand about freedom?

As American Latter-day Saints, we know that we feel strongly about freedom, but what do we actually understand about its true principles? A great resource for LDS parents, Founders and Prophets boils freedom into 12 simple principles in a positive tone and an easy-to-follow format that empowers families to discover the “why” behind our beliefs regarding liberty. Each chapter explores a fundamental truth of freedom that is foundational to the eternal nature of the principles our country was founded on. Each principle is established through the lens of multiple witnesses, namely: A clause from the Constitution, a quote by a Founding Father, reference from a Latter-day prophet, a verse from the scriptures, a powerful short story from American history. Interactive discussion questions, simple definitions, and an extensive appendix filled with hundreds of relevant quotes from founders and prophets bring the concepts of freedom to life in Family Home Evening lessons, dinner conversations, and classroom dialogues. This compilation of prophetic and inspired references finally transforms the godly gift of freedom from something we feel passionately about into a foundational part of who we are individually and as a nation. Author Jeff Hymas, a Constitutional expert and educator, has given over 400 presentations detailing why the principles of freedom are as valid today as they were in 1787.

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Praise for The Jesus I Know

“Jeff Hymas has a clear understanding of the foundational principles of the U. S. Constitution. His writings and DVD lectures are solid. Over the past twelve years I have purchased five different Constitutionally based programs from different sources. Jeff’s writings and presentations are the best of the bunch. Anyone looking for a clear understanding of U. S. Constitutional principles will be rewarded by reading, studying, and applying the lessons in this book.”


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This book is best for:

LDS families wanting to teach about the foundations of our country.

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About the Author

Jeff Hymas is the founder of a non-profit organization called In the Constitution that is dedicated to teaching the true principles of freedom found In the Constitution to as many people as possible. Jeff discovered his passion for the Constitution when he was a Human Resource Manager and began heavily researching the effects of the Affordable Care Act on the financial health of the company he worked for. Coinciding with his personal studies, the beautiful principles of freedom that had always seemed important to him were beginning to occupy his thoughts and desires. Those principles took on an integral part of his life when his wife ShaRee convinced him to shadow his state senator to learn more. The senator encouraged Jeff to share what he had learned in his research regarding the ACA at the House and Senate committee hearings regarding a nullification bill the Senator was sponsoring coincidentally the very week Jeff was shadowing him (maybe not so coincidental!). This sparked Jeff pursuing his passion in educating Americans especially youth about the depth and beauty found in the Constitution. With the support and sacrifice of ShaRee and their children, Jeff has been able to spend the past three years traveling across states teaching his Constitution presentations to thousands of people. Jeff is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Marriott School of Management at BYU and has his MBA from Idaho State University.

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