Don’t Let the Stuff You Leave Behind Destroy Your Family

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A plan about fairness and love

Yes, estate planning is an awkward thing to think about, but one you have an obligation to do. Don’t Let the Stuff You Leave Behind Destroy Your Family creates a plan so that everything you’ve worked to achieve over your lifetime doesn’t become the ruin of your family. This plan is about fairness and love, ensuring that each child receives equal value from the things you leave behind. Instead of tearing your family apart, this book will help you create a plan that lets your children and grandchildren understand the love you have for them, because parents never outlive their obligation to their children.

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Praise for Don't Let the Stuff You Leave Behind Destroy Your Family

“This book has some excellent ideas that could benefit many families.” –Orrin Hath, U.S. Senator

“This book gives many of us a fascinating solution for a potentially sticky problem.” –Elaine Hatch

“I read your booklet shortly after my father passed away. As suggested in the booklet, we held an auction for the household and personal property. Your ideas worked very well for us, as we found the distribution of goods a pleasant time, full of reminiscences and appreciation. The stress of worrying about who received any particular item was removed by the opportunity each person had to bid for anything he/she might want. There was a great feeling among family member and no contention. Thank you for sharing a great idea.” –Elyse Harris

“[This] approach to settling estates offers a simple solution to a profoundly difficult family problem. I am amazed more has not been written on the subject. [This] book is so convincing, I’m enclosing a check for five more copies to share with family and friends. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this important subject.” –Steven P. Houghton


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This book is best for:

those who are looking to divide an estate, or parents who would like to set up a plan for their estate.

About the Author

Ken grew up on a dairy farm in Cache Valley, Utah and graduated from Utah State University in Economics and Finance. He also studied at Wharton School of Business. He has been a financial consultant for fifty years. He has twice been a branch manager of brokerage firms and taught many simnars at universities and to church and civic groups in Utah and Idaho. He is a father of five children and has twenty-three grandchildren. He operated cattle ranches in Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. he has been involved in owning and developing several shopping centers and housing developments. Ken has served in a number of different positions in leadership and humanitarian positions in his church. Ken has lived in Bountiful, Utah for 50 years. His greatest love is helping people (friends) accomplish their financial goals. He believes like Mark Twain, “that though you have a thousand friends, you have not one to spare.”

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